About Us

We are simply a bunch of art lovers, functioning enthusiastically, and passionately to put forward the art of Varanasi in the global market. Banarasi fabrics capture the regional touch and variations of India.

Walltola is an online plateform of banarasi clothing which focuses on banarasi saree, banarasi suit, banarasi dupatta etc.

It is accomplished by diverse amazing designs and uncompromised quality in terms of fabrics and texture. These traditional amazing art are the real gem that holds a royal touch which has a unique entirely. Although, the epic of banarasi silk originates from Banaras, one of the oldest cities in India. Also holds the most luxurious textiles in the world which make banaras shine through its banarasi textile which is unique in weave, texture, and pattern, or motif.

However, the pride of all traditional saree is banarase saree, one of the most lavishing and priceless sarees in India.

There comes distinct varieties of banarase silks based on fabrics like pure silk or Katan, georgette saree, organza, shatter, tanchoi, butidar.

Our collections include women’s wear which comprises of various types fabric or textile-like Kanchipuram silk banarasi, embroidery, organza, Katan silk, georgette saree, etc; banarasi suits, kurtis, besides exclusive Bridal and Bridesmaid inspired collections.